Links for PGCE Weather and Climate Day 2024


First Talk – current air flow and temperature  – current global precipitation

Can you see the Hadley, Polar and Ferrel cells on ?

Global Atmospheric Circulation explained

Coriolis effect explainer: – current air flow 

Nice video explanation from the Met Office

Practical 1 : a great introduction to air masses involving rugby teams. And a blog post

Second Talk

Passage of a depression 

Pop-up Depression

Find the trick in the plughole demonstration 

Practical 2

Passage of a Depression – Animation

Depressions – Identifying Features

Third Talk   Storm surge explanation

Practical 3

What is the Weather

Case Studies

Fourth Talk

The Earth’s Energy Balance – the Basics

Past Climate Teaching Resources

A year in the life of Earth’s CO2

Rubber Ducks: an Unexpected Journey

20. Tropical Cyclones

Practical 4

Various contour drawing exercises on  and

Final Slides or or 

When will it snow?


New Careers Spotlights

We have updated our careers spotlights page – see what the class of 2013 are doing 10 years after they graduated, and how the careers of the class of 2003 have progressed. 

An excellent overview of careers which a meteorology degree can enable.

Helene Muri
Matt Waring
Tim Barnes in Antarctica
Hannah Bloomfield
Laura Tobin climate stripes