Weather and Climate: A Teachers' Guide

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A weather and climate scheme of work for 11-14 geography.

Scheme of Work

Teachers’ Guide 

(also available in Welsh Tywydd a Hinsawdd: Canllaw i Athrawon )

2. Weather Measurements

In this lesson we look at the specialist instruments used to measure the weather and how data collected at different locations can be used to create weather maps.

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6. Past Climate Change

In this lesson we look at how global temperatures have changed over the last 400,000 years and investigate volcanoes and the Milankovitch cycles as the drivers of change

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8. Pressure and Wind

In this lesson we introduce air pressure, how differences in pressure can lead to air motion (wind) and how rising and sinking air can lead to low and high pressure respectively.

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11. Hot Deserts

In this lesson we look at the characteristics and locations of hot deserts and the adaptations of animals and vegetation found there.

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13. UK Climate

In this lesson we revisit climate zones before exploring regional climate differences across the UK and the reasons for them.

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15. Climate Crisis

In this lesson we explore the language used to talk about climate change and look in detail at sea level rise, tipping points and UN climate negotiations.

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18. Microclimates

In this lesson we investigate the factors which can help create a microclimate and introduce fieldwork opportunities within the school grounds.

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