Continuing Professional Development

Weather and climate training opportunities for teachers

FutureLearn: Come Rain or Shine

Free Weather and Climate subject knowledge CPD for secondary geography teachers.

“Come Rain or Shine” will be available throughout 2021. The course takes approximately three hours per week. While the course is running, there are mentors on hand for designated 3 week periods to answer questions. However, you have free access to the course materials for 5 weeks from whenever you first register for the course.

It is also possible to pay for unlimited access to the course materials.

It’s worth noting that, you’ll see a ‘progress’ page giving you your user name and showing how much of the course you have completed. This can be useful to demonstrate your progress through the course.

Learning Objectives of the course:

  • Describe the weather features associated with depressions, anticyclones and the four main air masses which affect the UK.
  • Interpret a synoptic chart (also known as a weather chart) to provide details about wind speed and direction, precipitation and cloud cover.
  • Describe some of the physical processes which give rise to weather, such as convection, condensation, pressure gradients and the Coriolis force.
  • Investigate local weather conditions using readily available instruments.
  • Explain some of the processes which transfer energy through the Earth system, including the transient effects of volcanoes and changes in the Earth’s orbit, and how these processes relate to the Earth’s climate.
  • Apply your understanding of mid-latitude weather systems to the analysis of weather data and images.

We are delighted that the course has received the EMS Outreach & Communication Award 2018.

Bespoke Teacher Training

Opportunities to attend CPD events for teachers will be posted here as they arise.