Met Office Work Experience 2023

The Met Office is running a virtual work experience programme for 13-18-year-olds this year, enabling young people to gain a broad understanding of what they do, develop employability skills and learn more about available career pathways.

Through a series of modules, interactive sessions and project completion, their virtual work experience programme offers a glimpse of what it is like to work for the Met Office, a large, world-leading organisation.  It is also designed to help inform career plans and shows how knowledge and skills developed through formal education can be applied in the workplace.

The summer 2023 programme runs from 3 to 21 July 2023 and can be completed within one week or across any period of time during the 3-week window.

Registration is now open at: Met Office Careers: Forecasting Your Future.

The Met Office is revising its opportunities for in-person work experience.  To be eligible to apply,  the virtual work experience programme should have been completed. 

Also, don’t forget about our own careers day in June 2023 – see the link below.