Balloon Launch

Holycross School in Chorley, Lancashire, will be launching a weather balloon tomorrow, Wednesday 22nd May at 2pm. The balloon will take a camera as well as equipment to measure temperature, pressure and humidity up into the upper atmosphere. The weather forecast is looking good, and we are expecting clear skies. The balloon (and its payload) should…

Primary Science Teacher Awards

Nominations are open for the 2013 Primary Science Teachers Awards. The Royal Meteorological Society endorses these awards, recognising excellence in teaching about weather and climate in UK primary schools. More information can be found at

Win a Rain Gauge

Here is your chance to take part in helping EML develop a new gauge for schools and hobbyists! Fill in the questionaire below by 31st November 2013 and you will be entered into the draw to win a Kalyx-RG system when it is completed (1st March 2014)

Balloon Launch Teacher Wins Award

Earlier in the year, we collaborated with Holy Cross School in Chorley and their science teacher Sean Hardely worked with RMetS to launch a weather balloon. Sean won the Outstanding New Teacher Award and you can see the clip on BBC2 iPlayer and see part of the balloon launch (at around 31 minutes) Watch the…

Paris Smog

On March 17th, the French government enforced rules allowing only motorists driving cars with odd-numbered registration plates to enter the French capital and use the roads in the surrounding departments. This was the result of High pressure weather conditions, with hot days and cold nights, which allowed pollutants to build up in the city until…