New Careers Spotlights

We have updated our careers spotlights page – see what the class of 2013 are doing 10 years after they graduated, and how the careers of the class of 2003 have progressed. 

An excellent overview of careers which a meteorology degree can enable.

Helene Muri
Matt Waring
Tim Barnes in Antarctica
Hannah Bloomfield
Laura Tobin climate stripes

Careers Day Recordings

In June 2023, we hosted an inspirational selection of speakers for our first virtual careers day for all those considering a career in weather, climate or climate change.

If you are choosing which A level or Higher subjects to take, or starting to look at undergraduate courses listen to these people from UK Universities, the Met Office and other employers of meteorologists speaking about their current work and how they got there, and exploring the best routes into meteorology.

Session 1: Kirsty McCabe, Weather Presenter and Meteorologist: Matthew Scholes, Undergraduate, Edinburgh University (Physics with Meteorology) : Thomas Breitburd, Undergraduate, University of Reading (Meteorology and Climate with a year in Oklahoma): Ravi Kotecha, Weather Risk Manager for UK Transport – DTN.

Session 2: Heather Corden, Postgraduate Student, Bern University (Climate Sciences): Esme Stallard, Climate and Science Journalist, BBC news : Dr Sarah Wilson Kemsley, Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia : Emily Dowd, Postgraduate Student, Leeds University

Session 3: Dr Hannah Bloomfield, Science Engagement Fellow – Insurance Industry, Royal Meteorological Society (and University of Bristol): Matthew Wright, Science Engagement Fellow – Energy Industry, Royal Meteorological Society (and University of Oxford): Hannah Findlay, Met Office Meteorological Advisor to the Independent Gritting Sector: Katie Hodge, Applied Scientist. Science for Impacts, Resilience & Adaptation Team – Met Office

Session 4: Routes into Meteorology including Dan Skinner, Science Engagement Fellow – Early Careers, Royal Meteorological Society (and University of East Anglia), Prof Sylvia Knight (Royal Meteorological Society) and Rebecca Griffiths, Tess Clegg, Lisa Tomkins and Claire Allerton from the Met Office.


Careers Day

Do you have students considering a career in weather, climate or climate change? They may be choosing which A level or Higher subjects to take, or starting to look at undergraduate courses. In this free, online careers day on Saturday, 17th June, we’ll be asking people from UK Universities, the Met Office and other employers of meteorologists to tell you a bit about their current work and how they got there, and we’ll explore the best routes into meteorology.

In the course of the event, you’ll hear short talks from a broad range of presenters and have an opportunity to ask them questions.

Potential attendees are encouraged to register as soon as possible to help us gauge numbers. 

All talks will be recorded and will be made available after the event for those who can’t make it. 


Met Office Work Experience 2023

The Met Office is running a virtual work experience programme for 13-18-year-olds this year, enabling young people to gain a broad understanding of what they do, develop employability skills and learn more about available career pathways.

Through a series of modules, interactive sessions and project completion, their virtual work experience programme offers a glimpse of what it is like to work for the Met Office, a large, world-leading organisation.  It is also designed to help inform career plans and shows how knowledge and skills developed through formal education can be applied in the workplace.

The summer 2023 programme runs from 3 to 21 July 2023 and can be completed within one week or across any period of time during the 3-week window.

Registration is now open at: Met Office Careers: Forecasting Your Future.

The Met Office is revising its opportunities for in-person work experience.  To be eligible to apply,  the virtual work experience programme should have been completed. 

Also, don’t forget about our own careers day in June 2023 – see the link below. 

Blog Careers Climate Change

So you want to do something about Climate Change?

In this new set of 11 short videos, we explore some of the many careers in climate change that you could do with qualifications in STEM subjects.

If you want to work in an area where you can do something positive about climate change, but don’t know how, have a look at the work that these people do, why they think it’s important and the paths they took to the jobs that they now do.

If a career in weather or climate sounds interesting, have a look at the further careers information on our website at

Careers Weather

Weather Forecasting Game

Try your hand at weather forecasting – can you beat the experts from University of Reading and beyond?

Calling all weather enthusiasts and wannabe forecasters! Following its successful launch to the public last summer, The Weather Game, run by the University of Reading is returning for another friendly competition round.

The game offers entrants the chance to try and predict the weather around the world and close to home. Points are awarded for correct weekly forecasts over six weeks, allowing people to take on their friends and try to beat the experts to top the league.

This activity gives school pupils and weather fanatics a glimpse at the science used on television forecasts or to monitor impacts of climate change. A number of high-profile TV weather forecasters like Laura Tobin and Tomasz Schafernaker made some of their first forecasts while they were students at Reading.

Forecasts from leading sources like the Met Office and BBC Weather can be used as a basis for predictions, but players are encouraged to follow their own intuition on where weather might differ from what is expected. For example, if changeable weather is certain or there is only a small chance of showers, going against the expert forecasts for sunshine and rain might earn you the points.

Entrants will make predictions on the temperature, precipitation and sunshine hours for three fixed locations: Reading, UK; Toronto, Canada; Hong Kong, China and also for another city that changes weekly. While travel is off the cards for most of us this year, experiencing the weather is something that connects us all.

Registration opens from Monday 7 June with entries due each Friday for six weeks at 19:00 London time.


Year 12 Meteorology Experience Day

The University of Reading will be running an experience day in October half term for any year 12s interested in meteorology. More information here.

Careers Schools

Young People’s Special Edition of Weather


Our Young People’s Special Edition of Weather magazine is finally here and can be read at

The edition was edited, written and illustrated by people under the age of 21 – some as young as 7! The photos are all winners and runners up from our photography competition, run earlier in 2015.