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rain or shine courseOur award winning, online weather and climate CPD course for secondary geography teachers, Come Rain or Shine, is starting its 9th run on the FutureLearn platform on the 10th of June.The course is also suitable for older students to take.

It will run for 15 weeks. During the 1st 3 weeks (until 30th June), expert mentors will be on hand to answer questions and respond to comments.

Access is free for 5 weeks from whenever you start the course.

The learning objectives for the course are:

  • Describe the weather features associated with depressions, anticyclones and the four main air masses which affect the UK.
  • Interpret a synoptic or weather chart, to provide details about wind speed and direction, precipitation and cloud cover.
  • Describe some of the physical processes which give rise to weather, such as convection, condensation, pressure gradients and the Coriolis force.
  • Investigate local weather conditions using readily available instruments.
  • Explain some of the processes which transfer energy through the Earth system, including the transient effects of volcanoes and changes in the Earth’s orbit, and how these processes relate to the Earth’s climate.
  • Apply an understanding of mid-latitude weather systems to the analysis of weather data and images.
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Weather and Climate CPD

The next run of our free, online weather and climate CPD course designed specficially for secondary geography teachers and A level students, Come Rain or Shine, starts again on 2nd October. From 2-22nd October there will be experts on hand to answer any questions or help you if you get stuck.

The course focuses on UK weather (depressions, air masses, anticyclones) through a mix of videos, text, practical exercises and fieldwork, and also explores the wider global picture. It takes about 3 hours per week over 3 weeks.

Due to changes in the FutureLearn platform, participants only get free access to the resources for a few weeks. We therefore suggest that you only register yourself or your students for the course on the day you want to start accessing the materials.

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MetMark launched – recognising excellent weather teaching

The Royal Meteorological Society and Met Office are delighted to announce this new award to recognise excellence in weather teaching.

More details are available about who can apply and how to apply here.

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Top 10 ideas for weather teaching

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