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Top 10 Ideas for Teaching the Weather


Make a cloud in a bottle – use it to remind students about the water cycle, the fact that pressure is related to temperature, that the air has to cool for water droplets to form and that the energy released by water droplets forming is the energy source for developing storms. You can find some instructions here.

Cloud in a bottle

Teabag rocketDemonstrate a teabag rocket to remind students that warm air rises. You can find the instructions here.

Bubble chaseDo some weather fieldwork. Have a look at our top 10 ideas or the fieldwork page.


From when you start teaching the weather topic, to the end of the year, ask one member of the class each week to prepare a local weather forecast for the class. At the start, these might just be a summary of the weather forecast from the TV/ radio/ internet. By the end, they should show some understanding of air masses and depressions and why we are getting the weather we are.

Weather map

Global map of winds

snowIn the winter, particularly before Christmas, investigate the factors which determine Will it snow?.

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