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2016 WJEC/ EDUQAS A Level Geography


Recommended Resources to Support the Teaching of Weather and Climate within this Specification

Key Overview Resources

RGS-IGB A level subject content overview Weather and Climate

Climate change updates for A level geography – supporting the 2016 specifications

Causes of climate change through the Quaternary Ice Age including glacials, interglacials and stadial periods and thresholds for change

Past Climate Change resources Toba case study: a supervolcano

The Little Ice Age and The Little Ice Age in London

Water Cycle

Met Office In Depth introduction to the water cycle.

Flow in the River Thames


The Changing water cycle

Deforestation, the water cycle, the carbon cycle and climate in the Amazon

Carbon Cycle

Met Office In Depth introduction to the carbon cycle.

The changing Carbon Cycle

Atmospheric carbon dioxide

Impacts of recent increases in the atmospheric carbon store on the water cycle and oceans, including: amount, type and patterns of precipitation, extreme weather, river discharge, sea level rise, acidification of the oceans

Carbon, water, weather and climate a PowerPoint presentation focussing on recent changes to the carbon and water cycles, and how the two cycles interact.

The Changing water cycle
Mekong case study Changes to groundwater in Uganda The Impact of Climate Change on Sea Level and Sea Level Change

The impact of Climate Change on water supply

The Impact of Climate Change on Extreme weather

Positive and negative feedback loops, thresholds and equilibrium in natural systems

Tipping points
Ecosystem feedbacks on the carbon and water cycles,
Climate Change Schools Project Module 2 – climate feedback mechanismsCarbon Cycle Feedbacks

Consequences of change within and between the water and carbon cycles including cryosphere feedbacks, marine carbon feedbacks, terrestrial carbon feedbacks and methane feedbacks. The implications of feedback within and between the two systems for life on Earth, including Arctic permafrost thawing

Carbon release from the Arctic

Processes and Patterns of Global Migration

The impact of climate change on security

21st Century Challenges,
Economic Growth and Challenge

Developing India’s solar industry
China’s Carbon outputs

Energy Challenges and Dilemmas

Country by Country emissions

Case studies of mitigation and the EU Emissions Trading Scheme Carbon Capture and Storage.

Weather and Climate

Introduction to Weather and Climate

Global Controls on the Climate and The Earth’s radiation budget

Monsoons – a resource looking at the link between rainfall and food production in India. Teachers notes and Excel data sheet.

Characteristics of the UK’s Climate

Introduction to Climate

Air Masses: Several resources on the Key Stage 4 page,
Jet Stream

Extreme Weather events

Low Pressure Systems
Case Studies and several here.

Synoptic charts

High Pressure Systems
Case studies and several here.

Impacts of human activities on the atmosphere at local and regional scales: Urban Climates

Urban heat islands

Measuring the impact of urban areas on wind flow: a PowerPoint presentation introducing how the wind is affected by urban structures and notes for teachers introducing simple fieldwork which can be carried out in the school grounds, using bubbles.

People, climate and the Future

MitigationAdaptationTipping Points .

Further A level resources.

Link to the full WJEC/ Eduqas specification

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