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2016 EDEXCEL A Level Geography


Recommended Resources to Support the Teaching of Weather and Climate within this Specification

Key Overview Resources

RGS-IGB A level subject content overview Weather and Climate

Climate change updates for A level geography – supporting the 2016 specifications

Climate change and Ice ages

Ice ages and glacials

Milankovitch cycles

Solar influences

Climate and volcanoes, Year with no summer, Pinatubo, Toba – a supervolcano

The Little Ice Age and The Little Ice Age in London

Mid-Pleistocene Transition

Climate Change and Coastal Storms

5th October, 2013 storm

Coastal management

Climate change and sea level change , Flood Protection in the Netherlands , Flood Protection for London , The Impact of sea level rise on Bangladesh


The impact of 3 urban policies in Paris on climate change adaptation and mitigation

Water Cycle

Amazon Basin case study,
Flow in the River Thames

Met Office In Depth introduction to the water cycle.

Orographic rain A case study of orographic rainfall and Foehn winds in Scotland with images for students Image 1Image 2Image 3Image 4Image 5

El Nino Southern Oscillation introduction 

The impact of Climate Change on water supply

Flooding case studies: Boscastle Floods
November 2012 floods
Met Office report on winter 2013/14

Climate Change and the Water Cycle

Deforestation, the water cycle, the carbon cycle and climate in the Amazon

Carbon, water, weather and climate a PowerPoint presentation focussing on recent changes to the carbon and water cycles, and how the two cycles interact.

The Changing water cycle
Mekong case study 
Changes to groundwater in Uganda

Synoptic Charts
(weather maps)

Weather maps

The Carbon Cycle

Met Office In Depth introduction to the carbon cycle.

Discover how to use a cheap infrared thermometer to measure the greenhouse effect Infrared thermometer worksheet.pdf

The changing Carbon Cycle

Carbon Cycle Feedbacks

Ecosystem Feedbacks from Carbon and Water Cycle Changes

Energy consumption:
Country by country emissions of greenhouse gases with case studies from Gemany , Poland , the USA and China

Climate change and the Water Cycle

Future Climate Change

Tipping Points Adaptation strategies Mitigation Migration/ security

Montreal Protocol

Carbon Capture and Storage 

Further A level resources

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