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Key Stage 4 Science Resources


Resources for 14-16 Year Old Students

Planetary radiation budget images for the EarthVenusMars with a dust storm and Mars without a dust storm

Establishing the radiation or energy budget of the Earth has been crucial to understanding climate change, but what do the radiation budgets of other planets in our solar system look like? Read about it here:

Climate Change

Watching the Earth – artificial satellites

Catalyst article on Cloud Seeding

Science or weather clubs.

Resources to 3D print the Central England Temperature record and use the models in subsequent STEM or geography clubs or lessons.

Met Office Design and Technology resources to build your own weather station (for the Resistant Materials GCSE topic): Anemometer Project – Student version, Rain Gauge Project – Student version, Thermometer Project – Student version and Thermometer Project – Teacher Example

Other recommended resources:

A wide range of animations from the Met Office suitable for geography and science topics.

Resources looking at change of state, latent heat, data handling and the Electromagnetic Spectrum from the NCAS/ DIAMET project.

Have a look at the Barometer – a regular podcast featuring weather and climate issues from the University of Manchester.

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