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Watching the Earth


A series of downloadable lesson plans and teacher’s notes for science GCSE based on using the Gravity field and steady state Ocean Circulation Explorer satellite (GOCE).

Produced by Julie Boyle

Teachers GuidanceTeachers’ Notes

Lesson One

Introduction to GOCELesson Two
Introduction to GOCE

FreefallLesson Three

PendulumLesson Four

Hooke's LawLesson Five
Hooke’s Law

Newton's LawLesson Six
Newton’s Law Pt 1

Newton's Law Pt 2Lesson Six
Newton’s law Pt 2

AltimetryLesson Seven

Excel SpreadsheetLesson Seven
Excel Spreadsheet

Doppler EffectLesson Eight
Doppler Effect

Bottom PressureLesson Nine
Bottom Effect

InterferometryLesson Ten

Atmospheric SoundingLesson Eleven
Atmospheric Sounding

Fluid DynamicsLesson Twelve
Fluid Dynamics

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