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2016 OCR A Level Geography


Recommended Resources to Support the Teaching of Weather and Climate within this Specification

Key Overview Resources

RGS-IGB A level subject content overview Weather and Climate

Climate change updates for A level geography – supporting the 2016 specifications


2013/14 storms

Earth’s Life Support Systems: Carbon Cycle

Met Office In Depth introduction to the carbon cycle.

The changing Carbon Cycle , Carbon Cycle Feedbacks

Water Cycle

Met Office In Depth introduction to the water cycle.

Causes of Precipitation
– Orographic rain A case study of orographic rainfall and Foehn winds in Scotland with images for students Image 1Image 2Image 3Image 4Image 5 – Clouds

The Changing water cycleAmazon Basin case study

Deforestation, the water cycle, the carbon cycle and climate in the Amazon

Positive and Negative Feedback Loops within and between the carbon and water cycles

Carbon, water, weather and climate a PowerPoint presentation focussing on recent changes to the carbon and water cycles, and how the two cycles interact.

Changes in the Arctic Tundra Carbon release from the Arctic

Carbon Change Schools Project Module 2 – feedback mechanismsCarbon Cycle FeedbacksEcosystem Feedbacks from Carbon and Water Cycle Changes

Changes to the Carbon and Water Cycles, The Impact of Long Term Climate Change on the Carbon and Water cycles: The changing Carbon Cycle The Changing water cycle

Climate Change

The Earth’s Climate is Dynamic
– Past climate change teaching resources

Anthropogenic climate change

Discover how to use a cheap infrared thermometer to measure the greenhouse effect

Case studies of one AC and one EDC to illustrate their contribution to anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions over time.

Country by country emissions of greenhouse gases with case studies from GemanyPoland, the USA and China

Why is there a debate over climate change?

Simple climate change debate Teachers’ Guide
Debate Card 1
Debate Card 2
Climate Change Scepticism PowerPoint

Negotiations resource

In What ways Can Humans Respond to Climate Change?

Future Emission Scenarios

Projected emissions and their impacts on climate 

Climate Modelling 



Climate Engineering

Carbon Capture and Storage 

Carbon Trading the EU Emissions Trading Scheme

Developing the Indian Solar Industry 

The Impact of sea level rise on Bangladesh 

The Impact of Climate Change on Sea Level

Future of Food: Food Security

The Impact of Climate change on Food Security

Further A level resources.

Link to the full OCR specification

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