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2016 AQA A Level Geography


Recommended Resources to Support the Teaching of Weather and Climate within this Specification

Key Overview Resources

RGS-IGB A level subject content overview Weather and Climate

Climate change updates for A level geography – supporting the 2016 specifications

Water cycle

Met Office In Depth introduction to the water cycle.

Orographic rain

A case study of orographic rainfall and Foehn winds in Scotland with images for students Image 1Image 2Image 3Image 4Image 5


Flooding case studies

Boscastle Floods

November 2012 floods 

Met Office report on winter 2013/14

Flow in the River Thames

The changing water cycle

Water, carbon, climate and life on Earth

Deforestation, the water cycle, the carbon cycle and climate in the Amazon

Carbon, water, weather and climate a PowerPoint presentation focussing on recent changes to the carbon and water cycles, and how the two cycles interact.

Climate Updates for A level Geography

Amazon Basin case study

Met Office In Depth introduction to the carbon cycle.

The changing Carbon Cycle

Carbon Cycle Feedbacks

Ecosystem feedbacks from carbon and water cycle changes

Volcanic Hazards

Climate and volcanoes

Year with no summer


Toba – a supervolcano

Storm Hazards

Tropical Storms 

Urban Climate

Urban heat islands

Measuring the impact of urban areas on wind flow: a PowerPoint presentation introducing how the wind is affected by urban structures and notes for teachers introducing simple fieldwork which can be carried out in the school grounds, using bubbles.

Environment and Population

Food security: The Impact of Climate Change on Food Production

Global population futures

Climate changeOzone resources from the CCSP

Water security

The impact of Climate Change on water supply

Weather maps including synoptic charts

Weather maps

Further A level resources.

Link to AQA AS/ A level geography website.

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