Maths for Planet Earth: Climate Based Questions for students and teachers.

The Maths for Planet Earth questions were developed by a team of students and academics at the Environmental Change Institute, School of Geography and the Environment, and Department of Physics, University of Oxford. They work on climate and energy issues and are passionate about inspiring young people to join the fight against climate change.

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The aim is to integrate climate change into the school curriculum, beyond the usual suspects of geography and environmental science.

The world needs brainy mathematicians to help tackle climate change.

All of these questions closely follow example problems from GCSE and A level past exams and were developed by using existing exam questions. The maths skills tested in the question remained unchanged, but the context of the question was adapted to a climate change theme.

A homeowner decides to make their house carbon-neutral. They place solar panels on the roof, which then connect o their mains circuit via a
The movement of a hurricane is modelled by vector h.  It is moving at a speed of 20 kph, with the direction of 165˚