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Weather and Tourism


Weather and tourism

Key Stage 2 Geography & Literacy
This activity can be used to revise ways of examining texts to find out information, asking questions to guide research.

What effect does the weather have on tourism?


This lesson aims to use childrens’ previous learning about mountain climates in to identify how the weather affects the activities and tourism in different mountain localities.

Children will work in small groups and use a range of holiday brochures to find information to complete worksheets.


Children should learn:

that varying weather conditions can have a significant impact on life in an area
to use secondary sources

Lesson plans


The lesson is introduced using slide one. The children talk in pairs about holiday destinations.

Where would they like to go on holiday in the winter?
Where in the summer?
Is the weather important?
What type of weather would they need?
Where in the world would they like to go?
Brainstorm a list of holiday activities, for summer or winter, in a mountain environment using slide 3.

Using slide 4 model how to find information, using holiday brochures and previous knowledge to complete the table for one locality.

Children will be working in small groups and using a range of holiday brochures and books to research types of tourism in a mountain locality they have studied in this unit. Differentiated worksheets can be used to record findings individually. Some children may need support to find information in brochures.

Groups can present their findings to the class.

Display slide 5 and use photos to discuss the positive and negative impacts of tourism on mountain areas.

Lesson resources

Holiday activities slideshow.

You will need:
Holiday brochures for locations in this unit.
Library resources
Tourism worksheet (High ability).
Tourism worksheet (Low ability).

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