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Recommended Weather Resources for KS2


Recommended Weather Resources for teaching 7-11 year olds

BBC What is Weather animations and lesson plans for KS2 weather.

Weather for Schools resources.

Storm Warning resources from the Royal Society for KS2.

Weather around the world, complete scheme of work for year 3, covers climate zones, hot and cold places and tourism and another scheme of work for year 3, this one more focused on weather.

Weather resources from the Primary Magazine from the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics. Requires free registration on the national STEM database.

A nice resource looking at an extreme weather event in the UK (the December 2011 storm) for schools with DigiMap.

A nice interactive map showing hot and cold extreme temperatures which also introduces GIS techniques.

Seasons resource from ngfl-cymru.

Teachers.TV looks at the effects of weather on peopleweather across the KS2 curriculum with moreKS1/2 Teachers in the FreezerWeather Around the World and making houses hurricane proof.

A nice interactive resource for weather forecasting, focussed on Wales.

Recommended resources for teaching Mountain Weather.

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