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Climate Graph Practice


1. Pick an item of clothing and look at its label to see where it was made.

2. Visit https://en.climate-data.org/ to find your chosen country and find the weather by month averages for the average temperature (degrees C) and precipitation (mm).

3. Plot the precipitation as a bar graph using the left-hand axis.

4. Plot the temperature as crosses in the middle of the month. Then join the crosses together as a line. Use the Reading example below for reference.

5. How do the January temperatures in the location your item of clothing was made compare to the January temperatures in Reading?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

6. How do the July temperatures compare?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

7. How does the January precipitation compare?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

8. How does the July precipitation compare?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

9. What’s the biggest contrast between the two locations? Why do you think that is?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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