About Us

MetLink is the educational website of the Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS), launched in early 2010, with weather and climate resources for schools.

The Royal Meteorological Society is the leading independent expert in weather and climate. We are a membership charity with a mission to engage, enthuse and educate by promoting the understanding and application of weather and climate science for the benefit of all. We work to strengthen the science and raise awareness of the importance of weather and climate, support meteorological professionals and inspire enthusiasts.

RMetS believes that every student should leave school with the basic climate literacy that would enable them to engage with the messages put forward by the media or politicians or to make informed decisions about their own opportunities and responsibilities when it comes to climate change mitigation and adaptation, and also to equip them with the knowledge and skills required for the green jobs of the future.

Every student should leave school with the basic weather literacy that allows them to understand the weather that affects them, their leisure activities and the careers they choose to follow.

Any questions, comments on the website or suggestions for materials to be produced would be welcomed and should be directed to the Head of Education.