Edexcel Geography A GCSE

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Climate Change


The Earth’s radiation budget


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Unit 1 Topic 7

The causes, effects and responses to climate change
a How and why climate has changed since the last ice age: How the climate has changed in the last 10 000 years to the present day. Causes
to include volcanic activity, orbital geometry and variations in solar output.

b The causes of current climate change on a local and global scale, including the burning fossil fuels and the increase of methane in the atmosphere: A variety of causes, to include those listed, should be studied through examples which illustrate the actions of the individuals such as increase in car ownership and groups of people such as energy producers.

c The negative effects that climate change is having on the environment and people, including changing patterns of crop yield, rising sea levels and retreating glaciers, on a local and global scale: A variety of effects should be studied through examples at a local and global scale. Including the impact on food production, the threat to areas at sea level including small islands, the threat to marine environments such as coral reefs.

d The responses to climate change, from a local to a global scale, eg ‘live simply’ campaigns to world superpower meetings (Bali in 2007).

There is a range of responses to climate change from; on a global scale the response of government, to the responses of individuals at a local scale: The detail of global meetings should be studied, eg Bali in 2007, and local campaigns.

Unit 2 Topic 2 Flooding and Flood prevention

a the physical and human causes of river flooding: eg intensity of rainfall

Unit 2 Topic 6 Water consumption and Sources

d global rainfall patterns: look at the global pattern of rainfall

Unit 3 Topic 4

a the growth and distribution of global populations: the reasons for this distribution including climate

c the physical and human factors affecting the distribution and density of population in China and the UK: the physical factors such as climate