Past Climate Change Resources


Past Climate Change Resources for secondary geography. This webpage is growing and developing all the time, so do check for new materials.

Please feel free to adapt the PowerPoints to the level and ability of the students you teach.

Notes on the sources of data used.


  Core Resources Case Studies Other useful resources
Module 1 – the last 2.6 million years Climate graph, 2.6 million years, without uncertainty
Disambiguation: ice ages, glacials and interglacials
PowerPoint explanation of Milankovitch Cycles
Toba – a supervolcano and its impact on humans. Milankovitch interactive animations
  The last glacial maximum Britice modelling project
  Quaternary Climate Change in Britain Climatica,
Discovering Antarctica
  The Mid-Pleistocene Transition Manchester University’s Build your own Earth
Module 2 – the Holocene – the last 11000 years Climate graph, 11000 years, without uncertainty

Climate graph, 11000 years, with uncertainty

A Green Sahara
Module 3 – the last 2000 years Climate graph, 1500 years, without uncertainty

Climate graph, 1500 years, with uncertainty

PowerPoint explanation of MCA and LIA

Investigation – LIA in London
  Did you Know? Case study – MCA and the Vikings IPCC 2001: Was there a “Little Ice Age” and a “Medieval Warm Period”?
    Little Ice Age scientific summary paper
Module 4 – the last 500 years. Climate graph, 500 years, without uncertainty

Climate graph, 500 years, with uncertainty

PowerPoint explanation of volcanic impact on climate

Investigation – year with no summer How Do Volcanic Eruptions Affect Climate and Our Ability to Predict Climate? IPCC WG1 FAQ11.2
  Case study – Pinatubo 1816 – the year without summer: the experience of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Situating 1816, the ‘year with no summer’, in the UK
Module 5 – the last 200 years Climate graph, 200 years, without uncertainty

Climate graph, 200 years, with uncertainty

Does the Anthropocene exist? Tempest database of extreme weather events in the UK
PowerPoint explanation of solar impact on climate

PowerPoint Introduction to the Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming, Global Dimming and the Hiatus
Is the Sun a Major Driver of Recent Changes in Climate? IPCC WG1 FAQ5.1
  Climate change teaching resources
  Guide to sources of paleo-climate data. Climate Change Updates for Teachers.
Climate Change Updates for A level Geography



These resources were jointly produced by Dr Kathryn Adamson (Manchester Metropolitan University), William Roberts (Bristol University), Chris Brierley (University College London) and the Royal Meteorological Society.