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Infrared thermometers can be used to explore a range of questions.
Topics: Atmosphere, Instruments
Free Weather and Climate Quality Mark for Schools The Royal Meteorological Society and Met Office are delighted to announce this award to recognise
Secondary Geography, Secondary Maths, Secondary Science
Activities Using Weather and Climate Data
Secondary Geography
Introduction Project ideas: 1. How accurate are weather forecasts for my local area?2. A survey of how the temperature changes in my back garden3.
Wind is used to power things, you might see large windmills in the countryside or out at sea.
Topics: Instruments
Below are some of our favourite weather and climate books aimed at children, young people and their teachers. Weather in 30sAuthor: Dr. Jen Green
We are delighted that our online weather and climate teacher CPD course “Come Rain or Shine” has received the EMS Outreach & Communication Award 2018. FutureLearn is