Transition Resources for Year 6/ Post SATS

These resources are designed to be used in one session with year 6 (10/ 11 year old) students. Although they will support numeracy, literacy and various other aspects of the curriculum, they are designed to prepare students for secondary school rather than support the year 6 curriculum.
There are 6 suggested activities. Although they are designed to be run sequentially, you may choose to use only some of the activities, or to supplement them with your own ideas.
It should be possible to use these activities with any class size.
Many people, including Ellie Highwood, Cristina Charlton-Perez, Helen Johnson and Laila Gohar, have contributed to these resources.

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Activity 1 – the Difference between Weather and Climate


Activity Sheet

Activity 2 – Climate Change graphs



Activity 3 – Climate Change Lucky Dip

no resources required

Activity 4 – Weather Risk Game

Money sheets

Activity 5 – Flooding/ Floating Gardens


Activity 6 – Greenhouse Bulldog

no resources required