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Recommended Resources to Support the Teaching of Weather and Climate within this Specification

Extreme weather events and landform change

Other useful links.

Climate Change

Some introductory resources on climate and climate change.

Climate Change Schools Project resources.

Climate change updates for geography teachers.

Climate4Classrooms resources.

Climate Change Schools Project resources.

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Global Atmospheric Circulation

Some introductory ideas on climate zones.

Coriolis movie.

We also recommend:

The nullschool animation of current surface winds.

Other useful links.

Weather v. Climate

A lighthearted introduction to the difference between weather and climate by Armstrong and Miller and a very nice animation showing a dog and his owner.

An Oxford university website explaining the basics of weather, climate and climate change in an animated and interactive presentation

Anticyclones – High Pressure

An introduction to anticyclones.

A case study of the 2003 heat wave.

A case study of the 2013 heat wave.

A case study of the 2010 heat wave in Russia.


An introduction to microclimates.

An introduction to urban heat islands.

Microclimate fieldwork ideas.

Other useful links.

Weather data

The MetLink observations and data page.

We recommend the Met Office website for weather and climate data as well as the WOW website for more local, recent data.

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Isolines and Synoptic Charts

An urban heat island isotherm drawing exercise can be found on the KS3 page.

Another Isotherm exercise.

synoptic chart exercise.

Understanding weather charts exercises.

An Isotherm and Isobar drawing exercise based on a depression can be found on the KS3 or the A level page.

An introduction to weather charts.

Work out the weather at several UK locations based on simplified weather maps.

Other useful links.

Climate Charts

We recommend the Met Office website for weather and climate data.

Other useful links.

Further KS4 resources.

Link to the full specification on the WJEC website.

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