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AQA 2016 Geography GCSE


Recommended Resources to Support the Teaching of Weather and Climate within this Specification

Tropical Storms

Work scheme on extreme weather including tropical storms (aimed at A level but could be adapted).

Other useful links.

Extreme weather in the UK

An introduction to anticyclones, depressions and fronts.

series of downloadable lesson plans and teachers’ notes prepared on weather systems for GCSE geography.

Work scheme on extreme weather in the UK (aimed at A level but could be adapted).

A case study of the 2003 heat wave.

A case study of the 2013 heat wave.

November 2012 floods.

1987 storm.

Met Office summary on the storms of 2013/ 2014.

Other useful links for extreme weather and weather systems.

Climate Change

Past climate change teaching resources for KS3 and 4.

Some introductory resources on climate and climate change.

Climate change updates for geography teachers.

Climate4Classrooms resources.

Climate Change Schools Project resources.

Other useful links.

the Global Atmospheric Circulation

Some introductory ideas on climate zones.

Coriolis movie.

We also recommend:

The nullschool animation of current surface winds.

Other useful links.

Further KS4 resources.

Link to AQA GCSE geography website.

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