Weather People Key Stage 1

Weather people

Weather people
Fig 1: Weather people.

Man using keyboard

Weather forecasters use observations from all over the world to work out what weather to expect next.

Weather observers are the people whose jobs it is to read the rain gauges and thermometers.

Fig 2: Man using keyboard.

Weather forecasters use computers to help them work out what all the information means and then make a forecast.

Weather presenters tell us about the weather on TV and radio.

Lady using keyboard
Fig 3: Lady using keyboard.

Weather presenter

Ship’s Officers collect information about the weather at sea.

Farmers need to know about the weather so they can sow their seeds and harvest their crops at the right time.

Fig 4: Weather presenter.

Fishermen and sailors must be able to avoid bad weather as they may be out at sea for several days.

Airline pilots need to know where the winds are blowing and if there are any storms about.

The police often have to warn people if there is going to be very bad weather.

Sailor at the helm
Fig 5: Sailor at the helm..

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