Borrow Weather Instruments


PCE instruments

Schools, teachers and Society members in the UK can borrow instruments such as anemometers, thermometers, rain gauges, infrared thermometers and Kestrel weather stations from the Society.

We are also able to lend Kestrel weather stations to students carrying out independent investigations at A Level.

We are very grateful to PCE instruments and Richard Paul Russell for supporting our instrument loan scheme.

UK schools may apply to the Society for the loan of instrument packs, which include lesson resources and the instruments needed to do the fieldwork, for a period of half a term. Please contact the Head of Education at to arrange to borrow a pack. This scheme is extremely popular and we recommend requesting a pack at least 2 terms in advance to avoid disappointment.

We simply ask borrowers to cover the postage and packaging costs (approximately £13) for returning the instruments and to take responsibility for any accidents or loss whilst the instruments are on loan to you.

We also have a list of suggested investigations which can be carried out with the loaned equipment.

The contents of the instrument packs are something like:


Key Stage 2 Pack

10 Infrared thermometers

1 digital anemometer

1 raingauge

2 USB temperature dataloggers

Key Stage 3/ 4 Pack

10 Infrared thermometers

2 digital anemometers

5 USB temperature dataloggers

A level

We have some Kestrel hand-held weather stations, with tripods, wind vanes and USB download ports available to A level students and school expeditions. Please contact the Society at to discuss availability.

Find out more about using weather measurements in an A Level Independent Investigation or other fieldwork.

Our instruments frequently accompany school expeditions to amazing locations. Read about the glaciology study conducted by the 2009 BSES expedition to Ladakh in the Himalayas and the 2013 BSES expeditions to Norway and Ladakh.

Kestrel in Ladakh

Kestrel in Ladakh