How it Works: Weather and Climate

How it Works: Weather and Climate

Unit 14: Changing UK Climate

Pathways: Climate

Key skills: Critical thinking; data skills, map skills

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Lesson Resources

Lesson Opener:

Starter for 10: Revisiting previous learning (the difference between weather and climate; UK climate)

Teacher’s PowerPoint: Climate Change projections for the UK

Differentiation resource: Plickers based quiz

Student activity (differentiated): Using data and interviews to assess the impact of climate change on a nation specific business or activity

Assessment resource: Plickers based quiz

Plenary: Discussion – Should we care about climate change in the UK?

Homework activity: Design a leaflet putting forward the case for the development of a local salt marsh nature reserve, explaining managed retreat

Alternative or Extension Lesson Ideas

GIS activity: the projected changing number of “hot nights” in London

Teacher CPD/ Extended Reading

The UKCP18 Projections

The Thames Barrier: Keeping London dry

Misconceptions: The Gulf Stream will stop flowing