Depressions, Anticyclones and Fronts

Passage of a Depression – interactive animation

Worksheet to accompany the animation.

For 11-14

Cold and Warm fronts activities for differentiation and revision

Finding weather features on a synoptic chart

Red sky at Night, Shepherd’s Delight worksheet and Teacher’s Notes – a resource looking at how our prevailing wind direction means this saying is largely true.

For 14-16

Pop-up depression


Mid latitude weather systems basics: Teachers Notes, Introduction to the formation of a depression
and Student Worksheet, more detailed PowerPoint about the formation of a depression, Student Worksheet – passage of a depression and
practise drawing a cross section through a depression PowerPoint exercise.


Impacts of a depression – PowerPoint and Student Worksheet.

Weather systems PowerPoints and cross section practice

Identify the features of a depression on a simple weather map.

Cold and warm fronts – some activities for differentiation and revision.

Using WOW data to investigate a depression passing across the UK with  worksheets for students including isoline drawing practice.

Anticyclones, depressions and fronts with student worksheets

Depressions and anticyclones with a synoptic chart exercise
Interpreting weather charts

A case study of orographic rainfall in Scotland with images for students Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5.

What is the weather? Work out what the weather is like at several UK locations based on some simplified weather maps.

Weather Maps – basic information on synoptic charts, with Isotherm map exercise and Synoptic chart exercise.

Isotherm and Isobar drawing exercise based on a depression: student worksheet. A simpler version of the T/ isotherm map can be found here or a complete depression based exercise where students draw contours of temperature, pressure and precipitation to work out what the system looks like: Student worksheet and
notes for teachers.


For 16+