Summary of Weather and Climate links in the KS3 2014 National Curriculum.

Curriculum Links Other useful resources
Module 1 – Climate Change Nuts and Bolts Scheme of Work Greenhouse Gases KS3 Geography, KS3 Chemistry Climate Change Resources
RSC resources Background info for teachers KS3 geography Climate, Climate Change and Climate Engineering
Met Office science poster

Met Office geography poster

Scheme of Work
Leaves as Thermometers
Leaf Graph
Leaf Cards
Sediment Core Image
Sediment Core Key
Tree Ring Images
Teacher Information Sheet – Ozone
Ozone Layer Questions
Module 2 – Do not believe the hype .. or Should I Scheme of Work KS3 Geography, KS3 Chemistry
Student Challenge Sheet
Persuasive Presentation – Climate Change
Climate Change Scepticism Teachers’ Guide KS3 Geography, GCSE Geography, Chemistry, Combined Science
Debate Card 1
Debate Card 2
Climate Change Scepticism PowerPoint
Module 3 – Climate Change all around me (Indicators) Scheme of Work  Peer Assessment KS3 Geography, KS3 Chemistry
Module 4 – so what (Impacts) Scheme of Work
Afsana Mystery Instructions
Criteria levels
Day After Tomorrow Fact or Fiction
Answer Sheet
De Bono De Bono Hats
Group Summary
Global Dimension Scheme of Work French
Climate Change global dimension – staff
Global Dimension – Flooding Scheme of Work KS3 Geography
Session 1 – Flooding
Session 2 – Flooding
Session 3 – flooding and biodiversity
Session 4 – Doctor’s report
Session 4 – Flooding and Disease
Session 5 – flood prepare & prevention
Session 6 – Flooding Council
Migration Memory Map
Card sort
Polar Bear PowerPoint
Agony Aunt template
Impacts PowerPoint
Module 5 – Climate Change Champions (Mitigation) Scheme of work
Carbon Neutral House Instructions
Ideas Template
Sheet A
Sheet B
Sheet C
Sheet D
 Sheet E
Sheet F
Recycling Food Miles Food Miles Factoids
Food Miles Factoids as pdf
Food Miles Articles
Recycling Factoids
Recycling Factoids as pdf
Sustainable Living Challenge Point Scores Sheet Summary
Challenge 1 – compost
Challenge 1 – organic
Challenge 1 – food table
Challenge 2 – kite
Challenge 3 – word search
Challenge 5 – community classroom
Challenge 6
Challenge 7
People Points
Planet Poster
Student Diary Challenge
Module 6 – Making the most of it (Adaptation) Scheme of Work
What is Climate Change Adaptation
What is the Adaptation Challenge
Why is Climate Change Adaptation Important?
Peer Assessment
Student Challenge Sheet
Trees Scheme of Work KS3 Biology (plant reproduction, photosynthesis), Chemistry (carbon cycle)
How a Tree Works Scheme of Work Model comments
Peer Assessment
Why are Trees Important Scheme of Work Extended Teacher Notes
Sustainable Forest Management Quesionnaire

General Resources

Photostory guidance notes

Diamond Ranking sheet


The Climate Change Schools Resources were developed by the Climate Change Schools Project, based at the then Science Learning Centre in Durham and led by Krista McKinzey. A large number of teachers and schools in North East England were involved in their development.

They have subsequently been updated by the Royal Meteorological Society.