Will Copeland

Hi my name is William Copeland and I have come to the Royal Meteorological Society on work experience to further my knowledge of the weather, and to learn what it’s like to be in an office environment. You can read what I have been doing during the week below.

I have always been highly interested in the weather from a young age. As I have grown older I have developed my skills in map reading and also my understanding of how the weather works, but my main interest in the weather is storm chasing and any other types of extreme weather, from winter storms to forest fires. Whenever there is a storm or a severe weather event occurring, I will be out taking pictures and footage to add to my already bulging collection. You can see some examples of my photographs below.


Today was my first day at the Society. I met with Althea, Membership Secretary, at the door and then moved upstairs to wait for Liz, Head of Communications. Liz arrived and we had a quick chat. Liz then introduced me to everyone at the Society and talked through the timetable with me so I knew where I was going. After meeting everyone I spent some time with Althea in the downstairs office and talked to her about her job and how she sorted out the member’s information and packs etc. After lunch I then went to see Alison, Head of Publishing, in the manuscript central office and we talked about the different publications on offer to members and non-members.


On my second day at the Society I spent the morning with Liz and we talked about the junior membership development. I also completed many book reviews, and started to collect them in my notepad. I then went to lunch with Kathy, Head of IT, and Liz in Reading and came back to Kathy’s room to look at the website and how it’s created and then wrote up my own piece of work for the website.



Today was the day when I travelled to the Imperial College in London to attend a Society meeting. The meeting was on the new METOP satellite and I thoroughly enjoyed it. After the talks Paul, Chief Executive, and I walked over to the Grantham Institute in Imperial College to do a live, local radio broadcast together for BBC radio Berkshire’s drive-time weather slot. You can download a copy of the report I wrote for the meeting here.


This morning I spent time with Liz again talking about the junior membership development I then typed a report on yesterday’s meeting in London on the talks using the notes I had made. I also typed up the book reviews I have been working on over the week – you can download them here. In the afternoon I met Sue, Secretary to the CE, who talked to me about the Chartered Meteorologist (CMet) applications and how someone becomes a CMet. She showed me some files dating back to 1993 of the first CMet which was very interesting.


Today is my last day at the Society and I’m so sad to be leaving so soon. I have now finished the diary for the week but have also finished typing up additions to the junior membership list. I will see Kathy and will have everything put up on the site with a few more of my pictures. The week has been great fun and I would encourage anyone doing work experience and are interested in the weather to write in to the Royal Meteorological Society. You’ll have a great time and Learn so much.