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My day started with an orientation talk and a welcome pack containing two weather magazines and an RMetS membership handbook. Our first task of the day was to familiarize ourselves with an isobar map and to glean a weather forecast for the week from the maps, whilst at the same time meeting and chatting with my other two work experience colleagues. We analyzed the isobar maps and tried to predict whether it would rain, or be cloudy or sunny for the remainder of the week. After lunch, we wrote a summary of what the Society is about and is doing in terms of activities and events, and then wrote the diary for today.


Today we started off with a quick admin assistance task where we had to go through invoices from members and cross out their credit card details, because the Society is not allowed to keep hold of them once the invoice is sent. This was an important task because otherwise the Society would be breaking privacy boundaries and could be sued for fraud, so it was important we completed the task well. Once this was over, we were each given the task of writing an article for MetLink.org, a website run by the Royal Meteorological Society. Mine was about the drought in spring 2011 and the effects it had on the agriculture industry that year. We then started on writing an article about a weather news story of our choice. This was more difficult as we had to research to find something to do and then research about the thing we had found. I didn’t finish this task and am aiming to finish it tomorrow in the time allotted.


Today we just finished our article from yesterday. There was a meeting with a lot of important meteorologists so we were pretty much left to our own devices, which was nice.


In the morning, we talked about radars and weather forecasting, and the various different ways that you could get a job using the weather. It really demonstrated to me the very broad spectrum of careers weather could lead me, from working with the Ministry of Defence to teaching trainee forecasters to actually forecasting for the Met Office. After lunch we carried on writing our article and then visited the meteorological department at Reading University.


Today we finished off our articles about the Met Office’s forecasting methods and did some admin. We finished early because it was our last day. I really enjoyed the entire week and got to learn very interesting things about weather which I previously didn’t know.