Lizzie Roberts

Below is Lizzie's WORK EXPERIENCE Diary

Weather Definitions
Met Office

On Monday, I arrived at the Royal Meteorological Society at 10 o’clock and was shown into a conference room. I was then introduced to the society and given a welcome pack, as well as meeting my fellow work experience students. Weather terms, such as warm fronts, isobars and occluded fronts were explained to us and then we were given the task of analysing and making projections from a weather map. After lunch, we researched and then wrote an article about the Society.

On Tuesday, we spent most of the day writing an article about a topic which we were given by Rachel. My topic was the Health Forecasting Service in the Met Office. I found out about all the different ways people are affected by the weather and the research the Met Office has done into this. In the morning, we also did some administrative work and helped prepare the conference room for a meeting the next day.

On Wednesday, I spent the day writing an article about a topic of my choosing. I decided to write about storm surges, which are when a large mass of water hits the land because of winds from a storm and high tides coinciding.

On Thursday, Liz gave a talk about how forecasts are made, the different types of jobs available in meteorology, the kind of qualifications that are available and the best way to get into the Met Office. We then started an article which defined various weather terms and detailed how the Met Office makes forecasts. In the afternoon, we went to Reading University to see the Meteorology department and the general campus.

On Friday, we finished off the article and sorted out expenses forms for rail tickets. All in all, I have found the experience very useful. I now know a lot more about what meteorology involves and the careers available. It was interesting writing the articles as it gave me the chance to research how the Met Office makes forecasts and finding out about different types of weather systems.