Joshua Talib

Joshuas Work Experience Diary

Beep beep, beep beep, the alarm clock rang at twenty past six ready for a long and hectic journey to Reading. Being a brummie (from Birmingham) I have to travel all the way to Reading by train. Joy! The crowds, the workers and the people who just look lost. Never mind, I’m sure it will all be worth it, as I am, going to the Royal Meteorological Society for my work experience. Oh and my name is Joshua Talib

My interest for being a meteorologist only started a couple of years ago, as I had no idea that they even existed. I love forecasting though and forecasting is my roots of the interest in the weather. Since I was a small boy and I remember my year three class when I got to write my own weather forecast and show it to the whole class. I believe weather is a very important topic. We need to know what the weather will do especially in the upcoming years and as the weather is changing (because of climate change) it is getting more and more vital to know what the upcoming events are. For example, if we know about upcoming disasters, like hurricanes and droughts we can warn people and get them prepared. Meteorologists can save lives as well as tell us when to put the washing out.

Monday 6th July

As I walked through the doors of the Society, I was welcomed by Liz who gave me full guided tour of the Society. I saw the friendly faces of Althea, Sue, Paul, Kathy, Alison and Sonya who was my work experience partner for the week. I was quite impressed at what the society does and how it is linked with meteorology. We first had a chat with Althea about membership and what it involves to be a member and the process it takes. We then got told that we should write an article about heat waves, the heat wave warnings and the seasonal forecasting so we started researching. In the afternoon we spoke to Kathy about website design and she gave us the challenge of designing a leaflet that would persuade people to become a new member. You can see my design below. A great first day, and I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

joshua image

Tuesday 7th July

The first part of Tuesday was helping out with Sue’s administration work and sorting out the conference forms. The forms had quite funny comments with some strange and peculiar opinions. The second half of Tuesday was in Liz’s Workshop about a new general public membership. Sonya and I got involved with the discussion and I fully enjoyed it as I expressed my own opinions. I am coming to the final workshop in August because I want to see the final outcome of the new general public membership.

Wednesday 8th July

The first thing we did on Wednesday was we had a discussion with Alison based on publications. There was a wide variety of publications that took a lot of volunteers to produce good quality articles for the Society to use. We then went through some photos that had been sent to the Society and chose our favourite photos. They came in all shapes and sizes but my best one was a cloud in the shape of a car. After lunch, we continued our articles and started writing some book reviews for Sylvia, as Sylvia could advise teachers which books are best for their students. To see the book review click here.

Thursday 9th July

We first finished off our outstanding work including article writing, research and finding a suitable website name for the general public membership. We then found out that we were going on the radio and that we were told to research about the topic of the G8 meeting. We did some research and I found a lot about the topic which kept me updated with today’s news. We got to the radio station and I was very nervous as I had never spoken on the radio before. I tried my best and found the radio broadcast a very enjoyable experience and Sonya seemed very confident about the broadcast. A great opportunity but only one day left.

Friday 10th July

The end of the week and what a week its been. I’ve learnt different skills and techniques from different people and felt that I’ve achieved a lot from the society. Today, we made sure that we completed all our work including articles and reviews. We thanked the whole society for a brilliant experience and I can’t wait till I come and get involved with the society again.

I would like to thank Althea, Liz, Paul, Kathy, Sue and Roy for a fantastic and lively week. This week has been a doorway of opportunities and I want to thank the society very much for this amazing week. Finally I would like to thank Sylvia as she continuously sent me emails and more emails confirming this amazing work experience. THANKS ROYAL METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY!

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