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After the train ride into Reading today I was taken once more back into the conference room where I began to complete the Carbon/Travel plan for Paul’s journeys. This involved me going onto a direct gov website and entering in where he had been. The website would then calculate how much carbon dioxide he was producing on these trips away from the office and how much he was saving, rather than driving everywhere in a small car. I went into town for lunch today and tried my hardest not to buy anything (there are a lot of shops!) before returning and finishing it off. I then wrote this diary entry before finishing another interesting day at the RMetS!


Today was more social than Monday and Tuesday, I spent my morning helping out the ladies with the conference badges for next week. We had set up a kind of production line where we would complete our task and then pass it on. I then started to help out with admin jobs such as manning the paper shredder and the laminator before I went into town for some lunch. Unfortunately for me, the weather was throwing it down! And although I had an umbrella it did little to protect me from the wind. Liz then showed me some of the predicting side of the society by explaining to me how she looks at synoptic charts and satellite images to help her predict the weather. Finally, after some more laminating I started to copy and paste the work I did yesterday into a final chart- I hope I did well!


Today was a quieter day than yesterday and more working on the weather and producing my own forecast with Liz. With the help of some synoptic charts and weather data from the Internet, I managed to produce a forecast of the weather during the weekend; now I just hope it is right! After lunch I then resumed work with Liz on finding facts about weather in July, particularly beach weather for her article she publishes every month in Reader’s Digest. Then I had to leave early in order to get to my school prom, which is somewhere in Surrey.


Today was my last day at the Royal Meteorological Society, and I have had a brilliant week that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Today was mainly patching final documents such as my forecast and my article and the article on July weather for Liz. I have really enjoyed it here and have received a great insight on what happens inside the society.