Ethan Jull

Below is Ethan Jull's Work Experience Diary

Aviation and Weather Forecasting
Weather Terminology
The Met Office


 At the start of my work experience week I started my journey at 7 in the morning by taking an extremely long train journey from Headcorn to Reading. I arrived at the Royal Meteorological Society and was introduced to other people who would be doing work experience and also a few people we may be working alongside.

We spent the first part of the morning having an introduction to what we were going to do for the day and the rest of the week. Then we collected paperwork we may need for the week such as surface maps, notepad and pen. We then started to analyse the surface maps of the area around the UK. This was the first time I had ever done this so it was extremely interesting. The surface maps helped us in deciding what the weather would be like today and the rest of the week, later on we would find out if we were correct in our predictions. We then went out exploring the town to try to find some lunch for an hour, we succeeded in finding Tesco’s just down the road and enjoyed a nice lunch on an overcast day. We then got back and researched what the RMetS was about online and also in magazines that were provided. We then proceeded to write about the Society and how it helps the community in education on climate and Meteorology.

It was an interesting day with lots to do. Couldn’t wait till tomorrow, although the six o clock start I was not looking forward to.


 Another long train journey later and I’m at the Royal Meteorological Society again. Today we start off by helping the staff out in Admin by removing any credentials using a permanent marker pen. This took a relatively short amount of time and once we had finished we started our research projects. My project that I was given was to research and write about Weather Forecasting and Aviation. This was a very interesting topic and with the links provided I soon immersed myself in the topic. Time quickly went by and it was lunch time again so we went exploring again and came across a Subway. We ate our subs and then walked back to the society. In the afternoon we helped set up a conference room for the meeting that is happening on Wednesday and then we continued to work on our written projects using the resources provided. After that we updated our diaries and then ventured back home.


 I arrived at half nine and grabbed a hot chocolate (with cream) before arriving at the society. We were ushered inside only to find that the room we were using was taken over by a conference and we were put in an office. We mostly researched and wrote up our article, on which I did tornados. It was a very interesting topic and I put a lot of research time into it. We had lunch at half twelve and once again had a subway. The women did not understand what 'a little' bit of sauce is. So beware potential work experiencers, don’t ask for hot chili sauce. In the afternoon we finished writing our articles and then finished at four and had a nice train journey home.


Today we had a talk about forecasting from Liz, who has had previous jobs in the Met office and in the Government. We spoke about how the Met office got data from satellite imaging. We then had lunch were we went to KFC instead of Subway. In the afternoon Rachael took us round to look at the meteorology department at Reading University. We then went to look round the campus but got caught in a torrential downpour, which we had predicted early in the week, and cut our visit short and returned to the Society to finish updating our reports ready for tomorrow.


 On the Friday we finished our articles, had some really nice cake, and then set about uploading our articles onto the Royal Meteorological Society website, which is probably were you are reading this from. Overall it was a very enjoyable, educational and stimulating week with an insight into what it would be like to work for this Society and to work in the meteorological field. It has further stimulated me to pursue this as a worthy career and has encouraged my interest in weather forecasting and developments.