BBC stargazing LIVE event

Does your school have a Weather Station?

Schools are invited to participate in a live research project, on Friday 20th March, working with The University of Reading and BBC Learning.

The aim is to provide weather observation during the solar eclipse from around the UK, to assist the Department of Meteorology in Reading to use the eclipse as a natural experiment on the weather.
Participating schools will be asked to make frequent observations of temperature, wind, and cloud during the morning of the eclipse.

Data from the experiment will be displayed at the Stargazing Live Event, to be held in Leicester. The BBC Stargazing Live programme will link to this event and may feature the experiment; however it is unlikely that participating schools will be mentioned by name. There are also no plans to film at any of the participating schools.

If you would like to take part, please email to register your interest.

For some good ideas about how to view the eclipse, have a look at this website.