Ideas for National Fieldwork Week

Here are some ideas for National Fieldwork Week which runs from 6-10 June 2022 – suitable for primary, secondary, geography, science and maths lessons. If you use some of them with your class, why not share them @RMetS #MetLink or use it as evidence for a MetMark

Use the PhyPhox app to explore atmospheric pressure variations around your school buildings – for example in a stairwell. Or use it to see how pressure changes over time. 

PhyPhox app
dark clouds

Use a lightmeter app and a greyscale colour chart to test the hypothesis that “When the clouds are darker, more of the Sun’s light has been scattered and so less light reaches the ground

Does your school have an indoor microclimate? Does it link to how comfortable students find different classrooms? Or even to behaviour

school microclimate

Where would you put …. an old favourite; use this resource or this lesson plan as the basis for your own fieldwork. 

Contrails and climate change – the clouds, contrails, that aircraft leave behind have almost as much impact on the climate as the fossil fuel the aircraft consumes. How many contrails can you see? How long are they? This old OPAL resource is a good start. 

Aircraft and contrails

Measuring raindrops… How big is a raindrop? Collect data and analyse mode, mean and median, range, interquartile range and standard deviation