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The Young People’s Special Edition of Weather magazine, edited, written and illustrated by under 21s.



Climate & Climate Change

Extreme UK weather events

Tropical Weather

Other Weather

Urban Heat Islands

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Carbon dioxide


Climate Change, Global Warming, the Greenhouse Effect and Regional Climate Change

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Other Useful background information

Uncertainty in Climate Predictions

    • Basics of Climate Prediction
    • From climate4classrooms: How do we make climate predictions?, Why cant we be sure what happened in the past?, Why are some aspects of climate harder to predict than others?, How can we make a climate prediction when we cant forecast the weather for next month? and Why arent climate predictions exact?


Climate Predictions:

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Climate Engineering

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Climate Models

Even the simplest of climate models are not trivial to use, and are best suited to advanced students at KS4 and above.



Cold Climates


Energy and Radiation

Environment and Science Links

Extreme Weather, Weather Disasters and Tornadoes


Global Atmospheric Circulation

In the news…

Using ICT to teach the weather

Light in the Atmosphere: Seeing Rainbows

Mountain Weather

The Oceans and Oceanography

Stratospheric Ozone Depletion and Tropospheric Ozone Pollution

  • The Ozone Hole Tour developed by Cambridge University.
  • Information on the Ozone from the
    British Antarctic Survey  and Jon Shanklin’s ozone page, including up-to-date data as well as more background information.
  • Look here for information from the The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) have forged a unique partnership to provide primary school teachers with practical, hands-on and entertaining curricula material to educate their students about the protective role of the ozone layer and the causes and consequences of its depletion.
  • Look here for information from the United Nations Environment Programme; teaching younger children in an animated way about the importance of the ozone layer
  • Mario Molina resources on ozone depletion from the RSC.
  • Smog City – a worksheet to guide students through using a simple computer model to investigate the relationship between tropospheric ozone pollution and weather
  • Some background information from the WMO’s Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion 2006 (click on the ‘twenty questions and answers’ link).
  • UK and European weather and air quality forecasts from Manchester University manunicast.
  • A summary of information about the 2014 Paris Smog

Atmospheric Structure and Composition

Satellite Images



Atmospheric Thermodynamics

Tropical Climates and Hurricanes

Urban Heat Islands

Volcanoes, Weather and Climate

Water, the Water Cycle and Water Resources

Weather and Weather Systems

Weather Data

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Weather and Climate Resources using GIS

Weather in Art and Music