OCR 2016 Geography A GCSE

Recommended Resources to Support the Teaching of Weather and Climate within this Specification

UK cities

An introduction to microclimates.

An introduction to urban heat islands.

Microclimate fieldwork ideas.

Other useful links.

UK climate – air masses, continentality and the North Atlantic Drift

An introduction by the Met Office.

Air Masses – there are many more air mass resources on the key stage 4 page.

A case study of arctic maritime air.

A case study worksheet of orographic rain can be found on the key stage 4 page.

A Met Office YouTube video on Wind Direction and weather.

Other useful links.

Climate Change

Some introductory resources on climate and climate change.

Climate Change Schools Project resources.

Climate change updates for geography teachers.

Climate4Classrooms resources.

Climate Change Schools Project resources.

Other useful links.

Global Circulation of the Atmosphere

Some introductory ideas on climate zones.

Coriolis movie.

We also recommend:

The nullschool animation of current surface winds.

Other useful links.

Tropical Storms

Work scheme on extreme weather including tropical storms (aimed at A level but could be adapted).

Other useful links.

El Nino

Useful links.

Further KS4 resources.

Link to OCR website for the full specification.