Meteorology Courses

University Courses in the UK

Meteorology Courses in the UK

Some courses have been accepted as fulfilling the requirements for core content under the Society’s Chartered Meteorologist Accreditation Scheme .

the IoP website with details of UK physics courses

Informal Courses

We have developed a free, online introductory weather course Come Rain or Shine via FutureLearn. Also on the FutureLearn platform is the Met Office Learn about Weather course, which is more basic and has information specifically for gardeners, photographers and hikers.

The Open University offers a short course which is not accredited towards their degree programme.

The COMET programme in the USA offers a wide range of online courses without charge. These are not accredited in any way.

The Weather Shop offers one day courses on weather and climate.

Vocational Qualifications

Vocational Qualifications for weather forecasters and weather observers.

PhD Opportunities

PhD opportunities in the UK.

Current UK PhD and other research opportunities are frequently advertised on the Met-Jobs email list.

Chartered Meteorologist

The Society has developed and operates a Chartered Meteorologist Accreditation Scheme whose purpose is to provide a professional qualification in meteorology at a level equivalent to that of Chartered Engineer. Accreditation as a Chartered Meteorologist (CMet) assures clients and employers that the individual, in addition to initial graduate qualification, has reached and continues to maintain a specified level of specialist knowledge and experience. Holders are required to show themselves to be conversant with current best practice and to subscribe to a Code of Conduct. The Society is the regulatory body for the meteorological profession in the UK and as such the Chartered Meteorologist qualification is recognized throughout the EU as the highest professional qualification available within meteorology.

Registered Meteorologist

RMet is another professional qualification awarded by the Royal Meteorological Society for members pursuing a career in meteorology, or working in a role supporting meteorological services. Further information.